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Tapas riojanas de Santo Domingo de la Calzada

An important aspect of culture is Gastronomy.

The Riojan cuisine is based on stews that are commonly found in household kitchens of our region, learned from our elders. It is a cuisine that bases its success on the quality of the products and the procedure and traditional care with those developed.

In the Rioja There is an intimate relationship between the kitchen and rites, we can say that rare is the party that is not accompanied by a delicious stew. The raw materials are of the highest quality which makes the results are magnificent obtaining exquisite dishes such as: white beans with chorizo, white beans with quail, stuffed peppers, lean ham and fry, lamb and roast kid, pork chops with vine shoots, potatoes with chorizo , cod Rioja style, snails with tomato, fried or roasted black pudding, riojana stew, crayfish with pepper and tomato, hake Rioja, asadurilla (lamb giblets in gravy) …

Gastronomy in Rioja is not a hobby is a philosophy.