Monasterios de la Rioja

Monasterio de Valvanera

A place of meditation and spiritual retreat. This Benedictine monastery was founded in the ninth century. It has a restaurant with a full menu at 13 € and also offer visitors the opportunity to spend a few days of complete rest, relaxation and reflection in the inn of the monastery. The inn has double rooms from 60 € with breakfast included.


A city famous for its two monasteries. This is the oldest monastery of San Millan de Suso (above) and the Monastery of San Millan de Yuso (below). Their manuscripts are among the oldest in Europe, becoming a very important center of culture, it now shows the magnificently preserved collection. Among the most important are the Codex 60, which features the Emilian Glosses, some of the first words in Basque and Navarre and Aragon, confused for decades with primitive Castilian. As a result San Millan is known as the “Cradle of Language”.

San Millan