Pinchos y tapas

Starting with your point of entry into the streets of the old town; there are two areas (San Juan and Laurel) that are really almost together, separated by Market Street (Sagasta).

If you go down the street Calle de San Juan, on the right you come to the “Bar Torres”. Here I recommend dewagyu hamburguesita, but it also has other rich local products, which vary depending on the day and season (http: // www.

Following this (down the street, also on your right) is the “Tastavin” one of the best kebabs shops in Logroño. You can choose dishes from tataki bluefin tuna, smoked herring and sardines, to local products which change according to the season. It is also one of the few bars in the old town where they serve other wines that are not from Rioja. The cons are that it is a bit pricey and it’s becoming more popular, although I have to say that in all these bars people tend to stay for a very short time, having a quick snack and a glass of wine. (Http://


Going back to the first fork to the right, there is a cross alley (street Muro del Carmen, 6), which is “Lair”. This is an unpretentious bar which is very well priced with mini bocatitas (sandwiches) of anchovy and sardines with cheese or chilli (

If you go back to the calle de San Juan, and walk down the small slope, the next cross street on the right is: Crossing San Juan. In # 10, you have the bar “The Crossing” specializing in potato omelette, where you can ask for a brocheta and if there ara a few of you, an entire omelet that they will make you at the time, which is almost always very good. People often eat at the high tables in the street, because the place is tiny (

If you follow the street to the end and cross the market, you come to the second zone and adjacent Laurel Street.

Where the calle de San Augustin crosses with Albornoz, you will find the restaurant “Las Cubanas” bar which is very famous for its suckling pig. Also very good is the tapa of menestra (vegetable stew). This place is more expensive than average. It also has a restaurant at the top (

If you leave “Cuban” Albornoz and walk down the street, you find the traditional  “Sebas” bar. Here I recommend pincho of stuffed pepper and the potato omelette (

If you leave the Sebas and keep to the right you find Laurel Street, turn right towards the street “crossing Laurel” and here I recommend the “Bar Soriano”, a  tiny traditional bar which does grilled mushrooms, and is so small that people order and then eat on barrels outside the door (

Following the road on the right hand side you find yourself again on Calle San Agustin. At No. 33,  is “the soldier Tudelilla” which serves excellent tomato salad and olives in a welcoming bar atmosphere (


Here we recommend Breton Street (street theater) which is just behind the soldier Tudelilla and Laurel Street. It is pedestrian and is full of terraces which in the evenings from May on, are filled with people. I recommend the “Café la Luna” with two floors, one above which is calm and one below which is noisier, with good music and great mojitos and drinks too (

Also on the same street and with a wider age range is the “Breton coffee” which specializes in coffees (


Of the nearly 40 bars existing in the city, most of them also have a restaurant. Here  we point you in the direction  of those that are most noted for their experience or novelty in the so-called culture of gastro-pubs, often real works of culinary art, either for their development or their unique taste on the palate.
We begin our tour from north to south of the city, in the calle de Margubete and almost opposite the local police station, we find  “Genesis II”, one of the most complete bars, highlights including its cod croquettes and peppers stuffed with meat.
After you access the Old town from the calle del Cristo, leaving aside the Cathedral and the other the Parador de Turismo, turning left, we are in the main street where we find the “Knights Inn”. It is difficult to choose the best tapas, but if is available, we suggest the alioli’s deconstruction (presented in its deconstructed elements).
Almost next door is the restaurant bar “La Piedra” whose Riojan potato casserole is second to none.
Continuing along the same street and almost opposite the Tourist Office, we find the restaurant bar “La Gallina que cantó” his star tapa is “the chicken” a kind of puff pastry shaped like a chicken and stuffed with bechamel and ham .
From here we go to the Cathedral Square where we take the calle of Hilario Perez and in its center the “Hidalgo” bar is one of the oldest, with its famous “omelette” known for its size and spicy taste.
We continue south down the calle del Pinar and get to our house The Cobijo de la Calzada. Continuing down the calle del Alcalde Rodolfo Varona, turning right we find “El Espolón” and “Cerveceria Capota” which serves delicious seafood.
We leave the old town, passing the road “Las Bolas” on the right following the calle de Jerónimo Hermosilla, we find “The Eibarresa” whose  signature dish is its sherry chicken crepe.
Bearing to the right we find the calle de Madrid, where the bar “the Marquesito” and its famous stuffed peppers.
End this tour in the brewery “Gambrinus” with its standout tapa ‘land and sea. ”
During the summer months you can do a tour looking at pairing of food with different wines or beers. This typically involves five bars each with its own tapa and its corresponding wine or beer recomendation.
This route can be chosen in the activities of our house The Cobijo de la Calzada, with the collaboration of “wine educator” Jose Ramon Jimenez.
While there are many more bars, this tour is the result of the comments and experiences of our customers and friends. Enjoy!