La Viticultura riojana

Viñedo viejo de garnacha

Viticulture and therefore wine deserve special mention, since wine is the basis of our wealth and a benchmark of our culture in La Rioja.

The name of our region is closely associated with the name of our wines, it is the oldest Spanish Denomination of Origin, possessing today the top ranking for Spanish wine.

Haro is considered the wine capital of La Rioja. In this town the most famous Rioja wine cellars are concentrated, with most of them centuries old. Centennial is also the Enology Station of Haro that since 1892 has met the needs of wine research and training in the region, in turn ensuring quality and the search for new textures.

For those who are interested in learning and deepening their knowledge in everything related to wine, not only production but the culture, will find it in the nearby village of Briones where the Vivanco family has created the Museum of Wine Culture, a true world leader.