Route of the Monasteries:

Begin visiting San Millan de la Cogolla, cradle of the Spanish language, with Suso Monasteries (top) and Yuso (below), a World Heritage Site. After going through Cañas, the visit is short, but fascinating. You then continue to the Monastery of Valvanera, patron of La Rioja. It is worth the trip, if only to see this place.

Landscape Path:

Take the road that follows the valley of the river Oja, a natural hub that offers various excursions. From there we can take a first step to the village of Pazuengos passing through Santurdejo.

After passing by the village of Ezcaray you have access through a tree-lined road to the ski resort of Valdezcaray presided over by San Lorenzo, which is the highest peak of the Sierra Demand with 2,310 mts. Or reach us at the Cross Demand valleys crossroads after passing through picturesque villages such as Zaldierna, Altuzarra and Posadas, crossing places like El Llano de la Casa and El Salto del Aguila. Putting ourselves once more in Ezcaray you can do another excursion to the Hermitage of Santa Barbara with a breathtaking view of the entire valley Oja, following the Valgañón taxiing towards the Hermitage we find three sources and multiple paths that invite the traveler to take different routes and discover not only pines and beech, but also one of the most impressive of the Iberian Peninsula acebales

Cultural Route:

In this case our steps are directed towards Najera and Briones, whose major monuments and walls are a reminder of the history from the year 1000 to almost the present day, because we must not forget that for centuries Najera was the capital of the Kingdom of Navarre.

Route of Logroño:

Logroño besides being the capital of the autonomous region and one of the commercial cities of our country, has been designated the state capital of gastronomy. Its old town reminds us that “Vareia”(Logroño) already existed in Roman times. It has interesting buildings like Espartero Palace, the Cathedral, St. Bartholomew’s Church in Santiago on the well known Jacobean route,  the Espolón, with the equestrian figure of Espartero. We also have  the Ebro Park which overlooks a beautiful view of the city. Close to this area is the Fair and Congress, with the Rioja Forum and a complex which includes a Bank, Plaza de Toros and Entertainment center.

However some of the most popular and well known sites in Logroño, undoubtedly, are the Laurel and San Agustin streets: “The Elephant Walk” is a busy area for locals and visitors to savor and taste the specialties of wines and ‘tapas’ that are made in the traditional bars and restaurants of these streets.

Exclusive culture and leisure activities in the Rioja Alta

Roman Road:

Calahorra, a city founded by the Romans. Your ride downtown is built on an ancient Roman circus, retaining its forms, allowing us to  imagine without too much effort how it was. In some of the streets we find buildings whose foundations are based on Roman buildings.

Route of the Dinosaurs:

Very curious and interesting especially for children.

The first place we find  is Arnedo, whose population is mostly dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality shoes. Already in Arnedillo and Enciso we travel along the route of “El barranco perdido” that allows us to get to  know the history of dinosaurs and how these valleys were in prehistory

In this area there are also high-quality resorts that may be of interest …