Frequently Asked Questions

The Cobijo de la Calzada is a house which is fully equipped with facilities for groups of up to a maximum of 10 people.

It is rented to individuals or groups of up to 10 people but always with a contact person

Yes, we have a cot for children up to 15 kg.

Yes the deposit is 100€. As you will see if you chose to stay with us,  we are not a typical rural house. We are much better equipped and take care of all the details, so we ask for this small deposit.

No. Although we would love to allow animals, the house features are not compatible with the needs of pets.

No. Because of the characteristics of the house whether it is one person or 10 it is rented whole, with no change in price.

The Cobijo de la Calzada is located in a pedestrian area. If you need to use the car to get there, it can be done through the Calle del Pinar.

You will find some bollards that prevent entry. To get access, you must bring the vehicle forward and verify that an intermittent flashing orange light in the cabin to the left has come on. The bollards will then be lowered, and once this operation is completed a continuous green light will come on in the aforementioned cabin. Only then you can access the street.

IMPORTANT: If in front of your vehicle, there is another vehicle that has requested access, never pass through directly behind it. You must wait for the completion of the procedure of the preceding car and wait for the operation to start again.

We recommend the market or the Av. Juan Carlos I (Espolón). Put Coordinates or drawing

Contact us and our professionals will contact you regarding the price and availability of days.

Finally you can make a payment into the account XXXXXX, including the deposit, to confirm the booking.